Understanding Paradigm and Integrity

Understanding Paradigm and Integrity
Understanding Paradigm - The term paradigm is very rarely used in the conversations that we do everyday. Even so, we still need to know the true meaning / meaning of the word paradigm, so that when this term is used, we can find out what the meaning / meaning is. The term paradigm tends to refer to the world of mindset or technical problem solving done by humans. This term was first introduced by a scientist named Thomas Kuhn through his book entitled The Structure of Scientific Revolution. When first introduced, the term Paradigm was not clearly explained by Thomas Khun in Journal of Science Education Research.
At that time, the paragraph was only expressed as a key termonology used in the development model of science alone. A few moments later, then the term Paradigm was clearly defined by Robert Fridrichs (was the first person to express what was paradigm clearly and clearly). Pradigma is closely related to the basic principles that determine the various views of man towards the world as part of the bricoluer system. A paradigm usually includes three main elements namely methodological elements, epistemological elements, and ontology elements.
By using these three elements, humans use paradigms to gain various kinds of knowledge about the world and various kinds of phenomena that occur in it. Definition and Definition of Paradigm According to Experts. Etymologically, the term paradigm basically comes from the Greek language from the word "para" which means next to or beside, and the word "diegma" which means exemplary, ideal, model, or even archetypical.
Whereas terminologically, the term paradigm is interpreted as a perspective or perspective used to assess the world and the natural surroundings, which is a picture or general perspective in the form of ways to describe a variety of very complex real-world problems. In addition to the above understanding, the following is the understanding of the word paradigm that experts try to say: According to Robert Freidrichs, a paradigm is a collection of values that form a person's mindset as a starting point of his view so that someone's subjective image is formed against reality, which leads to the provision of how to handle reality the.
According to Thomas Kuhn, the understanding of paradigms is the basis of thinking or even the basic concepts that are used / adopted as models or patterns intended by scientists in their business, relying on scientific studies they do. According to C. J. Ritzer, the paradigm is the fundamental view of scientists about what is the main problem that should be studied by a particular branch of science. According to Guba, the notion of paradigm is a set of basic beliefs that guide human action.

Understanding Integrity - When you hear the word integrity, the first thing that comes to my mind is the question of leadership. The issue of leadership is often associated with this term. There are many management experts who say that every successful leader is always based on high integrity. According to them, without high integrity, the leadership they carry out will neither succeed nor succeed.
So, what exactly does the word integrity mean? The word integrity basically comes from Latin, that is from the word Integer which means complete or even intact. If interpreted from the origin of the word, then the word integrity can be interpreted as a complete and complete effort based on the quality, honesty, and consistency of one's character.
Understanding Integrity According to Experts. The following are some of the definitions of the word integrity that have been tried by experts: According to Henry Cloud, when talking about integrity, it will not be separated from efforts to become a whole and integrated person in every different part of himself, who works well and runs function in accordance with what has been designed before. Integrity is closely related to the wholeness and effectiveness of a person as a human being. According to the Big Dictionary, the notion of integrity is the quality, nature, and circumstances that describe a unified whole, so that it has the potential and ability to exude authority and honesty.

An Effective and Efficient Work Attitude in Realizing Business Strategies

An Effective and Efficient Work Attitude in Realizing Business Strategies
Effectively can be interpreted as something that can achieve maximum goals as expected. If we want to do something, then we must do it effectively so that the results do not disappoint. Understanding Effective is a business that is carried out optimally as expected, in addition it is effective can also be interpreted as one business that never gets tired before the desired expectations have not been achieved.
An effort indeed needs to be done effectively so that the work done is not wasted. An effective way is very well done so as to build the human soul not to give up easily. For this reason, effective business is very much needed in every human being. There is no harm if someone is doing business effectively, this is very good and good to apply, so for that continue to try effectively. The effectiveness of a person can be seen from how he does not easily give up from what he wants to do. Acoording to Indonesian Journal of Science Research, Effective with efficiency is certainly very different. Efficient is a minimum use in order to achieve optimal results. Efficient does not have to require maximum effort to achieve expectations, in contrast to effective which requires maximum effort to achieve the desired expectations.
Therefore these two words have different meanings. For that you must be able to distinguish. An effective and efficient work attitude is emphasized more on an effort in realizing business strategies, job targets, and business tactics in managing the business. effective and efficient attitude must be possessed by every entrepreneur in turning his business into a business that has a quality oriented operational standard system. Therefore, every entrepreneur must have both of these characteristics so that the business can be achieved in accordance with expectations.
To have these two attitudes is indeed not easy, we must be able to control ourselves from feeling lazy, bored, upset or so on. the work ethic is one way to shape these two attitudes, to be serious in achieving success. Effective and efficient attitude reflects a person that he has a high sense of responsibility. And have a high spirit to achieve goals. Because basically, human attitudes are more likely to be lazy.
For that, have an effective attitude in your life, because it can change your life. As we have seen, not many people have an effective attitude, because this attitude is rarely possessed by other people especially in entrepreneurial people. Therefore it remains to be a person who has an effective attitude, in this world there are no perfect humans for that be human beings who have high spirits and who are not easy to give up in any case. Life needs a struggle that does not only rely on others, we must be able to rise from the feeling of laziness and boredom to change lives to be even better.
For that, continue to have an attitude of effectiveness for the ongoing human life. For that, have an attitude of effectiveness in your life, because it can change your life. As we have seen, not many people have an effective attitude, because this attitude is rarely possessed by anyone else especially in entrepreneurial people. Those are some explanations that I can explain for you. I hope this article can be useful for you.

Submission of Scholarship Funds by Private or State Parties to Students

Submission of Scholarship Funds by Private or State Parties to Students
In terms of financing coverage, scholarships can be divided into two namely full scholarships and partial scholarships. Partial scholarships are financial assistance that only cover the cost of study, not including accommodation and pocket money. While the full scholarship is a study aid fund that covers all the needs of a student and student while studying, starting from school fees, boarding fees, food and drink costs, and others.
In terms of time, there are two types of partial scholarships or full scholarships, namely scholarships until completion of study, and semester scholarships that can be extended if they are still eligible. In terms of funders, funding sources can come from the state or the private sector. Private parties that provide scholarships are generally large companies as part of CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility policies. While scholarship countries are not always Indonesian, but also foreign countries such as America, Britain, Germany, France Australia, Japan, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and others.
Generally, state scholarship recipients in student and cultural exchange programs (Utilization patterns among students scholarship recipient). Submission of scholarship funds by private or state parties to students, students and students is done in several ways including through schools and colleges, through government institutions or directly to students concerned. In terms of basic scholarships, this financial assistance is given based on achievement, financial incapability of student parents, based on religion, ethnicity, or certain majors.
In terms of location of study, scholarships can be divided into domestic scholarships and foreign scholarships. Generally domestic scholarships are given by the Indonesian government through various official institutions or private companies located in the country. While the majority of foreign scholarships are funded by the government where the college is located. For example, Chevening scholarships for study in the UK are financed by the British government, Monbukagakusho scholarships for study in Japan are funded by the Japanese government. In terms of education, the scholarship is broadly divided into two categories, namely school scholarships and university or tertiary scholarships.
School scholarships include the Right-Kindergarten (TK) or Raudhatul Atfal (RA), Elementary School (SD), Junior High School (SMP) or Madrasah Tsanawiyah (MTS), High School (SMA), Vocational High School (SMK). Whereas the tertiary level scholarship covers Diploma, Bachelor Degree (S1), and Postgraduate programs include Strata Dua (S2), Masters, MBA, and Doctoral or Strata Three (S3) programs. Each scholarship package has its own system and rules for how to apply for a scholarship. It depends on the scholarship provider and who the institution is assigned to handle the recruitment of the scholarship vacancies.
However, in general, every student, student or student who wishes to apply for a scholarship must prepare the following: Important: The requirements above can increase or decrease depending on the format of the scholarship. In essence, read carefully the requirements provided by the scholarship you are interested in. Most scholarships are valid for the public. That is, all students can apply for scholarships regardless of educational background, religion, and ethnicity. Both santri or non-santri. Generally this general scholarship is based on merit.
This means that anyone who has a certain grade or grades in the class will be able to apply for this scholarship. All students, students and students can apply for this general scholarship provided it meets the basic requirements in terms of achievement. There are also general scholarships based on religion, majors and certain economic conditions as mentioned earlier.

Cooperative Management System is Based on the Principles

You must have heard the name of the cooperative. Unlike business entities in general, cooperatives are owned and managed by their own members. The goal is no more than meeting common needs, especially in the economic field. Cooperatives are also understood as a legal entity established based on the principle of kinship. Adhering to the principle of democratic economy, the formation of a cooperative aims to prosper its members. So, all the benefits gained by the cooperative will be managed to progress the cooperative's performance and distributed to active members. Anyone can set up a cooperative, both individuals and legal entities.
The capital from this cooperative business is obtained from all its members, so the course of this business must adjust the aspirations and common needs. The word cooperative is taken from English, co-operation which means cooperation. So the cooperative management system is based on the principles of family and democratic life. To better understand the ins and outs of cooperatives, the following explanation is quoted as saying from various sources.
Understanding Cooperatives Based on Experts. In general, cooperatives can be interpreted as a business entity that is owned and managed by its members. Building cooperatives based on members in the peoples economic development framework. However, there are other meanings of cooperatives according to some experts. One of them is from the Cooperative. According to him, a cooperative is a joint effort to improve or improve lives or economic conditions based on the principle of helping. Meanwhile, defines a cooperative as an association that works together in running a family business to improve the welfare of its members.
Management of a cooperative, its members can freely to get in and out of the business entity. The meaning of cooperatives by Munkner is an organization based on help helping those managing 'business' in groups. The aim is to improve economic affairs, in contrast to the principle of mutual cooperation which aims to build social needs. Based on the Law (UU) on Cooperatives, in Article 1 it is explained that cooperatives are business entities consisting of individuals or legal entities of cooperatives by basing their activities based on cooperative principles, as well as the people's economic movement on the principle of kinship.
While cooperatives are all things that concern the life of cooperatives. Establishment of a Cooperative, What's the Purpose? Purpose of Establishing Cooperatives, Based on the understanding of cooperatives in general and experts, the formation of cooperatives aims to improve the economic welfare of its members. Other objectives include: 1. Help improve the living and economic standards of its members and surrounding communities. 2. Helping the government to realize a just and prosperous society. 3. Increasing the economic order in world.
Cooperative Functions, In Article mentions, the four functions and roles of cooperatives include: 1. Build and develop the potential and economic capacity of members in particular and society in general to improve their economic and social welfare 2. Participate actively in efforts to enhance the quality of human and community life 3. Strengthening the people's economy as a basis for the strength and resilience of the national economy with cooperatives as the pillars 4. Trying to realize and develop the national economy which is a joint effort based on the principles of family and economic democracy. In their role, cooperatives often provide assistance, such as credit or loan funds to members in financial matters.
The formation of cooperatives is expected to improve the social welfare of people in world. Types of Cooperatives In law, cooperatives can take the form of primary and secondary cooperatives. 1. Primary Cooperatives are cooperatives established by and consisting of individuals 2. Secondary Cooperatives are cooperatives established by and consisting of cooperatives. The type of cooperative is based on the similarity of activities and economic interests of its members.
Meanwhile, regarding Cooperatives that were canceled by the Constitutional Court (MK) there were 4 types of cooperatives, namely consumer cooperatives, producer cooperatives, service cooperatives, and savings and loan cooperatives. 1. Consumer cooperatives organize service business activities in the field of supply of goods needed by members and non-members. 2. Producer's Cooperative organizes service business activities in the field of procurement of production facilities and marketing of production produced by members to members and non-members. 3. Service cooperatives organize non-savings and loan service business activities that are needed by members and non-members. 4. Savings and loan cooperatives run a savings and loan business as the only business that serves members.

Green Marketing is a Concept that Includes all Marketing Activities Developed

Green Marketing is a Concept that Includes all Marketing Activities Developed
Green Marketing is a concept that includes all marketing activities developed to stimulate and maintain environmentally friendly consumer behavior (Chen & Chang, 2013). According to Suhud (2002) there are external green P’s and internal green P's. The external components of P’s can be explained as follows: Paying Customers. Referring to anyone who is included in the group of green consumers with various levels of "green" and what types of products they need. Green Marketing is a way of advertising that promotes environmental sensitivity to prospective buyers. In the 1990s, a number of studies stated that buyers preferred products labeled "environmentally friendly" than those not labeled as such. In America in 1992, 62 percent of the population surveyed said they were willing to pay a higher price so that the industry would better protect the environment.
This causes consumer goods makers and packaging designers to try to improve their image in the eyes of consumers with regard to the environment. Some products display a "green label", a label to show that the product is environmentally friendly. Diabelanya reads "environmentally friendly", safe for the environment "," ozone friendly "," recycled "," can be recycled ", and" can be composted ". On the other hand there are use of green labels. With more and more products including the label just to garner the sympathy of consumer sympathy, after review it turns out that the statement is a lie. This can actually mislead consumers. Acceptance of people to green advertising in the media, there are at least three things that are commonly done to link their companies with the environment. First, by highlighting its products for the environment.
Secondly, it is an image of a company that cares about the environment with the company's main activities, for example is an advertisement that shows how the company recycles its product packaging and donates interest for a thousand tree planting program. The third way, is the company's statement about the responsibility for the environment in the production process. For example, it highlights how they have made innovations in reducing waste generated from production processes. However the claims made by the company need to be monitored further.
The use of the symbol "throw trash in its place" which is common on product packaging in the world can be said to be effective but does not touch the true essence of the preservation of the environment. the real problem is the amount of waste production by both industry and households, so it is not enough to throw garbage in its place.
Companies must innovate as much as possible to create products that do not produce waste (especially product packaging) and are also followed by households. Therefore, in the use of green leaf, it must use the statement as clearly as possible and include a reference to the charge. For example, the statement "environmentally friendly" would be more justified with the phrase "less packaging that must be removed". Providers. About how 'green' suppliers of raw materials, energy, office equipment. For example, how do wood suppliers get their wood, whether by cutting down forests carelessly which will cause deforestation.
Politicians. Regarding how quickly this can encourage the government to draft and pass environmental regulations and how far government regulations will influence business organizations to implement these regulations. Pressure groups. Are groups that have a stake in pressuring companies to go green. This group consists of consumer institutions, legal organizations, trade organizations, governments of a country.
Problems. Environmental problems and social problems are of various kinds. Is the company involved in one or more of these problems, past and present? Predictions. The company can predict what problems the company might face in the future. Partners. Partner is a third party whether the company has a relationship with a company or other agency that has environmental and social problems. Product. About how the products produced by the company answer various problems faced by the macro environment, such as waste, pollution, ozone layer, global warming, nutrition, and health, so the company produces products that can be recycled, energy efficient, non-CFC, non-cholesterol. Price To produce 'green' products generally require higher production costs resulting in higher selling prices.
Place. About the proper use of retailers or distributors. For example, to support the packaging recycling program, companies can work with retailers to encourage consumers to return packaging through them, in exchange for souvenirs, discounts, vouchers and promotional products. Promotion. About the company's activities to campaign for programs that raise environmental issues to strengthen its image as an environmentally friendly company.
This promotion can be done through advertisements, logos on labels, sales promotions (through packaging), and public relations. Providing Information. About the company's efforts to monitor issues that are relevant to the developing environment. Process About how companies can use minimal energy in the production process and reduce the disposal of residual use as optimal as possible. Policies. About the implementation and company policies to motivate, monitor and evaluate activities related to the environment. Browse. About how the actors, namely people in the industry / organization use their knowledge, understanding, and ability to implement the mandate of green marketing in business practices as a company policy that is guided by environmental sustainability.

What is dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF)?

What is dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF)?
Dengue hemorrhagic fever or commonly abbreviated as DHF is an infectious disease caused by a virus carried by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. This disease is caused by one of four dengue viruses. DHF was once called a "break-bone" disease because it sometimes causes joint and muscle pain that makes bones feel cracked. Early DHF causes high fever, rash, and muscle and joint pain. While severe dengue, also known as dengue hemorrhagic fever (dengue fever), can cause serious bleeding, sudden drop in blood pressure (shock), and death.

How common is dengue hemorrhagic fever?
Millions of cases of dengue infection occur annually throughout the world. This condition can occur to anyone regardless of status, gender, and age. Diseases caused by mosquito bites most often attack in tropical and subtropical areas, during the rainy season and after the rainy season: Media health promotion for Diseases Dengue Fever, The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that dengue cases around the world have increased rapidly in recent decades. It is estimated that there are around 50-100 million cases of dengue every year, and about half of the world's human population is at risk of developing this disease.

What are the signs and symptoms of DHF?
There are 3 types of dengue fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever, and dengue shock syndrome. The following is the explanation: The rash may appear all over the body 3 to 4 days after the fever, then decrease after 1 to 2 days. You may experience a second rash a few days later. During the next 24 to 48 hours, blood capillaries throughout the body begin to leak. Components of leaked blood can flow and flood the abdominal cavity (peritoneum) and lung cavity. Bleeding can also be at risk of causing damage to the lymph nodes and enlargement of the liver. This type of dengue disease can cause death. Dengue shock syndrome. Symptoms of dengue shock syndrome are the most severe. Symptoms of shock fever include all the symptoms of dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever, plus: This type of disease usually occurs in children and adults who experience dengue infection a second time. This type of disease is often fatal, especially in children and young adults. There may be signs and symptoms not mentioned above. If you have a concern about a specific symptom, consult your doctor.

When should I see a doctor?
If you have any of the above signs or symptoms or other questions, consult your doctor. Each person's body is different. Always consult a doctor to treat your health condition. Disease Phase or Phase After a mosquito bites, the virus it carries will then enter and flow in your blood. The dengue virus will first incubate until finally symptoms appear in 3 stages. The dengue phase is often also called the "Saddle Horse Cycle".
1. Fever phase After the virus begins to infect, the first phase will appear marked by a sudden high fever and can be more than 40ÂșCelsius. The fever can last for 2 to 7 days. Besides fever, other symptoms will appear such as joint pain, muscle aches, and headaches. If the fever lasts more than a week, this possibility is not caused by DHF
2. The critical phase After the fever phase, DHF patients will usually experience a critical phase that is deceptive. Called deceptive because at this stage the fever has dropped dramatically so it is considered cured. Even some patients have returned to normal activities. In fact, at this stage the patient must continue to follow the care and treatment of the doctor. If not, there will be less blood platelets. This is what sometimes likes to cause bleeding that is not realized. This phase of dengue should be treated quickly. Because if in 1 to 2 days are not treated, it can be fatal.
3. The healing phase After the critical phase has been passed with proper treatment, generally dengue patients will experience fever again. However, there is no need to worry. Generally, when the fever returns, platelets will also slowly rise. Body fluids that had dropped during the first two phases also slowly began to return to normal. People with dengue fever can be said to want to recover if the number of platelets and white blood cells return to normal after being tested. The healing phase is also usually characterized by increased appetite, improved muscle aches, and routine urination to return to normal as before.

What causes dengue fever?
Dengue fever is caused by dengue virus that is spread through the bite of Aedes aegypti or Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. Usually the ankle and neck become a common part of mosquito bites. There are 4 dengue viruses, namely DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 and DEN-4 viruses. After a mosquito carrying a virus bites, the virus will enter and flow in human blood and then infect nearby skin cells called keratinocytes. The dengue virus also infects and multiply in Langerhans cells, special immune cells that are in the skin layer. Langerhans cells normally work to limit the spread of infection continuously. However, cells already infected with the virus then go to the lymph nodes and infect more healthy cells. The spread of dengue virus produces viremia, which is a high level of the virus in the bloodstream.
To overcome this, the immune system will produce special antibodies that neutralize dengue virus particles, while the backup immune system is activated to help antibodies and white blood cells fight the virus. The immune response also includes cytotoxic T cells (lymphocytes), which recognize and kill infected cells. This process then raises a variety of symptoms of DHF as explained above. A mosquito carrying a dengue virus can continue to infect others while he is still alive. It is possible that all family members can be infected with the same dengue virus within 2 to 3 days. Once you recover from dengue, your immunity will be formed but only for certain strains. There are 4 types of dbd viruses, which means you can be infected again but by a different type from before.

Chicken Cemani Becomes One Form of Chicken Livestock Business

Chicken Cemani Becomes One Form of Chicken Livestock Business
Chicken Cemani is quite easy to be cultivated. In raising a cemani chicken in need patience and perseverance. Small cemani chickens are very susceptible to death especially at low temperatures. To anticipate the maintenance of cemani chicken until the age of one month is placed in a Box cage that is given an incandescent lamp. Incandescent lamps will help keep the room temperature warm. In the morning the Chicken Cemani tiller box is placed in a place exposed to sunlight and is placed in a relatively shady place if the sun starts to blazing.
Management system of feasibility chicken farms, Cemani chicken food at a young age is a starter concentrate by feeding each time a chicken is hungry, the more tiller cemani consumes food the faster its growth as long as it doesn't get too fat. After one month of age feed has begun to be mixed with other foods such as rice bran, rice and mixed food that is around us. Giving this mixture to save concentrate feed, because according to the experience of cemani chicken breeders growth of cemani chicken with pure concentrate feed and the mixture there is no significant difference, economically less profitable.
As the age of cemani chickens increases as well as body size and amount of feathers, the chicken must begin to be moved in a wider cage. Heating with incandescent lamps is adjusted to the needs, if the temperature is not too cold it can be removed. Cages that are too narrow will interfere with growth and make the cage become moist. Moist cages will potentially cause disease germs. The placement of the cage should be separate from the settlement and be exposed to sufficient sunlight, especially in the morning.
Therefore, in the cemani chicken culture pattern, the cage will be cultivated facing east. Adult Cemani Chickens. In the maintenance of adult cemani chickens, feeding has been arranged twice a day, with food in the form of laying concentrates, ground corn, bran and other food mixtures. Cemani chicken cages are also no longer in the form of a box but in the form of a limited cage, a battery cage, or left free to roam.
Provision of laying concentrates is intended to improve the quality and number of eggs produced. The eggs produced by chicken cemani can be cured in a natural way through the cemani broodstock, native chicken broodstock or broodstock. In a more modern way cemani chicken eggs can be incubated using a hatching machine, with a 21-day hatch period the same as ordinary native chicken. Benefits of Cemani Chicken. Phenomenon of Black Blood Cemani And Black Tongue Cemani Chicken.
Efficacy contained in Cemani meat. The characteristics of cemani chickens are different from chickens in general and the price is not only expensive can be used as a display or decoration, because chicken cemani turned out to contain benefits that are so good for the body. Self-contained vitamins and nutrients in chicken cemani can improve body immunity to be stronger and more resistant to disease. Now cemani chicken is not only known as chicken which has various myths, but cemani chicken is widely known by the public as ornamental chicken.
Cemani chicken is a chicken that has unique characteristics and is different from chickens in general, so the selling price has a very high price. This reason makes the cemani chicken business opportunity more promising. Chicken Cemani Chicks. Selling cemani chicken is now starting to develop among the people and has started to spread in the region. Because it is true that cemani chicken has a very high price and can provide more benefits for farmers.
The price of cemani chicken adjusts to the age of cemani chicken, the smaller the age of the cemani chicken, the lower the price offered, and vice versa if the purchase of a cemani chicken is an adult, the price of cemani chicken will be higher. Want to get the original cemani chicken to add to your ornamental chicken collection, please contact us anytime. We also provide various other types of ornamental chickens such as phoenix chickens, cotton chickens, turkey chickens, pheasant chickens and various other types of quality chickens ready to be sent to all areas covered by animal cargo. And if you want to buy chicken cemani, we will be very happy if you want to come directly to our cage to see the collection of ornamental chickens. We will also be very happy to provide consultation regarding livestock.